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Homeopathy & Allergies in Children

Posted on 12 September, 2014 at 11:00 Comments comments (17)

Homeopathy & Allergies in Children

After an experience of longer than a decades in clinical practice, I can today, confidently aver that using HOMOEOPATHIC remedies to treat respiratory allergies and infections in children greatly reduces the need for antibiotics and also helps a child to get well with a minimum amount of fuss and distress.

By using Homoeopathic remedies, you do not need to take a broad-spectrum antibiotic.


Allergies and infections go together, the former often being responsible for setting the stage for the latter.

It happens very often that a child who is allergic to dust or dander, starts sneezing or wheezing and then progresses to get a full-fledged upper or lower Respiratory tract infection, complete with fever and other associated morbidity.


Allergies damage the respiratory mucosa to such an extent that bacteria and viruses present in the surrounding air can invade it very easily.

Using antihistamines and other conventional medicines to protect the respiratory tract often causes more distress than it cures, because drugs can cause a variety of side-effects which could be something as simple as drowsiness to something as bad as liver damage.


Moreover, I use them in a format of the dilutions of Homeopathy(LM POTENCIES) because this assures safety, purity and efficacy.

An additional advantage is that they taste like sweets, so children take them very happily indeed!



I have developed several protocols of my own, for treating these allergies completely using only homoeopathic medicines(LM POTENCIES)


Homoeopathy treatment is especially effective in conditions like chronic allergic rhinitis, chronic and recurrent tonsillitis, sinusitis, recurring bronchitis, ear infections associated with upper respiratory infections, nasal polyps, etc.