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Customer Testimonials

"BEST HOMOEOPATHY CLINIC FARIDABAD Nice database of recearch papers & medicines.They have got best range of homoeopathy medicines whether german or willmar shwabe,Hapco(kolkata), LM Potencies..they have got all. 1. He is Highly qualified. Dr.Abhishek BHMS ,MD (HOM) ,CFN (DELHI), DI(HOM) (London) & Dr. Swati BHMS (Gold medalist) 2. He have enough experience in handling the disease 3. He is a full time practitioner. 4. He is well versed with the latest research in the Homeopathic field and also in the general medical field. 5. He is well versed with the diagnosis and investigation required. 6. He is able to clear your doubts regarding Homeopathy, your illness & also explain what to expect from the treatment. 7. He is having a very good reputation for delivering results 8. Transparent Homoeopaths 9. Accessibility of your doctot: Including phone, email, skype etc. God Bless Him"


"Was really happy and satisfied"- J accob Pinto (Mumbai)

I got to now about Dr.Abhishek from one of my friend who was taking treatment for her child asthmatic condition when he was working in Bakson Allergy Centre Southex Delhi centre, She told me that Dr.Abhishek is expert in Homeopathy with more than 10 years exp and M.D in Homeopathy(Only MD Homeopathy Doctor in city)
What I Find:Extraordinary team of doctors in Aura Homeopathy clinic Faridabad; well managed Website and online treatment support team. Was really happy and satisfied with my online treatment at Aura Homeopathy Clinic & Research centre. Best clinic in India so far. Dr Abhishek cured my Thyroid.
Aura Homeopathy works for me. Thanks God bless him. Treatments Thyroid.



Treatments Paralysis

-Aastasia -India

"Thanks to Dr. Abhishek"

Had gone for my father who was suffering from paralysis and was happy to receive the input from the whole team of Aura Homeopathy Clinic & Research Centre. Great set-up and facilities provided under one roof.
Thanks to Dr. Abhishek and his well trained Cyber Team. God bless. Treatments Paralysis




Asthma Treatment

- Rubby (India)

"Best for kids!"

Homeopathy treatment is best for kids! My 6 year old kid is taking homeopathic treatment from Dr. Abhishek at Aura Homeopathy clinic, Within 6 months of Aura Homeopathy treatment, there is 90 % improvement in his allergic tendency. Treatments Asthma Specialist Consultation




Skin allergy- URTICARIA

-Supriya India

"Simply the best"

No.1 clinic for allergies. Simply the best. Thanks to Aura Homeopathy for curing me from Urticaria (Skin allergy).
I was suffering from urticaria since last 3 years, have tried two other clinics, but all in vain.

Then I got to know about Dr. Abhishek Kasana, surprisingly he is the only M.D Homeopathy doctor in the city, and ex centre head at Bakson Homeopathy clinic, Faridabad.

I got his reference from one of my best friend Neha who was taking treatment from Dr.Abhishek at Bakson Homeopathy Clinic South Ex-Delhi branch and later in Faridabad. As told by Neha Bakson clinic faridabad was crouded with satisfied patients when Dr.Abhishek was there as centre Head.

When we met the doctor for the 1st time, he gave a proper explanation of the situation. His calibre of speaking multiple languages made it even more easier for us.He gave the treatment and told us to follow idealistic lifestyle, to stop eating certain junk food

After his 6 months treatment, now I am able to live a normal allergy free life.

He’s very kind, not only advises treatment but also addresses personal issues and does counselling and makes u feel homely. He encourages things like meditation unlike other doctors.

For kids also he best doctor to approach. Treatments Alternative Allergy Treatment




Piles Treatment


"Got good relief from my ailment"

Unbelievable, but true. Got cured of my Piles with Aura Homeopathy Clinic & Research Centre. Best homeopathic treatment for piles. Got good relief from my ailment. Thanks to Team Aura Homeopathy and Dr. Abhishek.
God bless. Treatments Piles




Headache Treatment

-Aman (Chandigarh)

"Really caring and helpful staff"

Really caring and helpful staff. Keep it up. And thanks to Dr.Abhishek and Dr.Swati for there expert advice, and chronic headache and hairloss cure. Thanks to the team Aura Homeopathy Clinic & Research Centre. Treatments Headache Clinic




Thyroid Treatment -Himani

"Very knowledgeable and caring"

Were you pleased with the treatment? Got cured of my thyroid problem with in 6 months. Doctors are very knowledgeable and caring along with supportive Cyber staff. German medicine used in blister packing, easy to carry- Really Innovative.
Thanks to Aura Homeopathy Clinic and cyber staff. Treatments Thyroid

Hairfall- Alopecia Areata Treatment


"Thanks to Doctor Swati and Team Aura Homeopathy for help and support"

My daughter Sidhi Reg no. 2355NET , had developed Alopecia Areata since last 6-7 months; however I am not sure as it might have been even before that. One fine day we were surprised to notice 6 hairless patches on her scalp. We were getting worried as these patches seem to be increasing in size. She also had severe generalized hair fall, losing hair in bunches. Within 4 months of starting the treatment the patches that she had before are not visible and there is new hair growth. No new patches have been noticed so far. She had 6 Alopecia patches on her scalp and re-growth of hair is seen there. The hair fall is considerably less now.

Within 1 year, my daughter is responding very well to the treatment. I would say there is 70% improvement. There is very good hair growth on the patches. Hair fall has reduced. Its been another 6 months of treatment with Dr Swati at Aura Homeopathy Clinic and I am very happy to report that my daughter has no Alopecia patches so far and the generalised hair fall has stopped and thankfully she is free from the seasonal allergies also.

Thanks to Doctor Swati and Team Aura Homeopathy for help and support. They have got best cyber cell support system. Treatments Alopecia areata

Treatment Uterine Fibroid


"Thanks to Dr.Swati"

Thanks for curing Utrine fibroid. Was detected with uterine fibroid / leiomyoma and my gyne doctor told me get operated for the same. Then I visited Dr.Swati at Aura Homeopathic Clinic & Research Centre Faridabad who explain me in detail that Fibroids are the most common benign tumors in females and typically found during the middle and later reproductive years. While most fibroids are asymptomatic, they can grow and cause heavy and painful menstruation, painful sexual intercourse, and urinary frequency and urgency.
With Dr.Swati's Homeopathic treatment I got cured of this problem, now I am free of symptoms even my USG report are normal after treatment.
Thanks to Dr.Swati Treatments Utrine Fibroid

Fibroadenoma Treatment-


"The best!"

Best lady Homeopathic doctor in Faridabad Delhi, NCR India. I was suffering from Fibroadenomas of the breast/ lumps allopathic doctor told me to go for biopsy to rule out breast cancer.
But with my Homeopathic treatment at Aura Homeopathic Clinic & Research Centre Faridabad by Dr.Swati (Goldmedalist) I got rid of Fibroadenoma.

Thanks to aura homeopathy and Dr.Swati for her support. For me Dr.Swati is best Lady Homeopathic Doctor. Treatments Fibroadenoma breast lump

Allergic Rhinitis Treatment


"Thank you for curing me"

Cured from allergic rhinitis with Aura Homeopathy-Top homeopathy treatment Provider in Faridabad,Delhi (ncr) India. It had been 8 years since I started suffering from attacks of allergic rhinitis. Any change of climate, AC, winter season and dust would trigger an attack of constant sneezing that would subside only after an anti-allergic tablet. I did not think that there would ever be a solution to such problem. I thought i might have to live with these allergies for the rest of my life. It was then that my brother read about the wonderful effect of homeopathy treatment in allergic rhinitis – he then decided to start homeopathy treatment for me at Dr.Swati’s Aura Homeopathy Clinic & Research centre.

Based on my case history, I was prescribed Constituitional homeopathy medicine by the consulting doctor at Aura Homeopathy clinic and was asked to follow up after a month. On my follow up, I informed the doctor cold been only slightly better this month. But With continued medication, over a period of few months, my allergic attacks became less frequent and much less severe. I could easily give up all my anti-cold and anti-allergic medication without much problem.

Thanks to Dr.Swati for curing me. Treatments Alternative Allergy Treatment

Thyroid Treatment


"I am feeling relaxed and more positive"

Troubled by Thyroid. Finally got relief from Aura Homeopathy clinic. Since last 7 months I was suffering with mental disturbance and weight gain. I was diagnosed having high TSH and was labeled as being a case of Underactive Thyroid. I was started on the allopathic medications (Tab. Thyronorm) for it. But my blood Thyroid levels kept fluctuating and I had started experiencing generalized weakness. With Dr Swati’s medicines for the last 1.5 years I have responded well to the treatment, there is 80 % improvement. There is good improvement in my weakness and my Thyroid levels are also under control. The extreme fluctuations in my Thyroid levels have stabilized. Emotionally I am feeling relaxed and more positive.

I am thankful to Dr Swati for helping me cope up with my Thyroid problem. Treatments Thyroid



"Positive change in my life"

Aura Homeopathy treated (PCOD) infertility and brought a ray of new hope in my life

I visited Aura homeopathy Clinic & Research Centre , Faridabad Delhi(NCR) with complains of irregular periods and infertility. I was married for 4 years, had an ectopic pregnancy 1 years back followed by medical termination of pregnancy. I was very anxious to conceive, but my hysterosalpingography (HSG) report revealed right tubal blockage, right side hydrosalpinx and ultrasonography (USG) revealed polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

I used to get my menses only with the intake of hormonal supplements. My gynecologist had advised me not to plan for a pregnancy as it may land up into an ectopic, following the death of the foetus.
Of late my relation with my husband was getting edgy owing to the child issue. I could not restrain myself from weeping while narrating my problems. Based on my detailed study Dr.Abhisik M.D(Homeopathy) at Aura Homeopathy clinic & Research centre gave me Homeopathy treatment and I got menses in the third month, Then Dr.Swati and Dr.Abhisik also advised me to stop the hormonal supplements. Initially my periods were delayed and on completion of 6 months of the treatment, my periods were regularised, associated complaints like acne and hair loss secondary to PCOS also improvised.

Dr.Abhisik also counselled and reassured my husband. After 9 months we repeated HSG, there was no evidence of hydrosalpinx in the left fallopian tube, though the right tube remained blocked as it is an irreversible change. My gynecologist also tell me that I can plan for a pregnancy in future.
I gives the entire credit for this positive change in my life to Dr. Abhishek & Dr.Swati and team Aura Homeopathy.
Best wishes Treatments PCOD


Ramamurthy chennai

Gave a new meaning to my life"

Aura Homeopathy treatment cured oligospermia and gave a new meaning to my life. I visited Aura Homeopathy Clinic & Research Centre , Faridabad Delhi(NCR) with a discouraging look and a bagful of reports.

I had stopped my allopathy treatment nearly 2 years ago for a problem called as oligospermia where the sperm count of the person is below the normal level (where normal count is 20 millions); My report showed sperm count of only 2 millions.

I was dejected by the outcome of my previous allopathy treatment. My last report showed that the viability of spermatozoa was nil or zero and also the motility was nil. Disappointed by this I had stopped all treatments thinking that my future was sealed with no hope of having a child.

Persuaded by a relative I resorted to Aura Homeopathy. Considering my case study, Dr.Abhishek prescribed me Homeopathy medicine and I was advised to come every month to the clinic for the follow up and semen analysis to be done once every 3 months.

In the very fourth month of the treatment I got my semen analysis and found to my surprise and contentment that my sperm count had increased to 20 millions and 3% of spermatozoa were viable alive at the end of 2 hours and the motility rate, which was nil, became 8%.

Thanks to Aura Homeopathy’s Dr.Abhishek and his team. Aura Homeopathy treatment cured oligospermia and gave a new meaning to my life. Treatments Oligospermia



"Best homeopathy treatment for thyroid"

Best homeopathy treatment for thyroid. Thanks for curing my thyroid ailment. Good homoeopathic treatment specially for female ailments. Both Dr. Abhishek and Dr. Swati are highly qualified professionals having good knowledge in their subject.Dr. Abhishek is the only MD (Homeopathy) doctor in the city having past experience in Baksons allergy center as centre head & Dr.Swati is gold medallist with specialization in female and skin ailments. Dr. Swati (gold medallist) I got the confidence that my problem can be cured with homeopathy. With her treatment I got rid of it. They also have online/cyber clinic. God bless. Treatments Thyroid



"With his efforts now I am father of a lil angel"

Had gone for oligospermia and was happy to receive the input from the whole team of med care. Great setup and facilities providing under one roof. I won't finish without the support provided by Cyber/Online clinic staff.
Thanks To Dr.Abhishek for his hardship. With his efforts now I am father of a lil angel.
God bless him. Treatments Impotence Treatment



"Allergy treatment"

I was taking treatment for Psoriasis from Dr.Abhishek when he was working in another allergy centre in Crown Plaza sector-15 Faridabad. He help me to get rid of my ailment. I was searching him since long and my search ends at Aura Homeopathy Clinic & Research Centre,Sector-31, Faridabad. For allergies and Psoriasis, Dr.Abhishek is best. Now Dr.Abhishek is treating my son for asthma and his condition have improved 70% within 3 months of treatment. God bless him. Treatments Homeopath Consultation




Good homeopathic treatment along with diet advice .Best place for getting rid of allergies. Aura Homeopathy is best. Treatments Cervical



"I have been suffering from allergic bronchitis & rhinitis since the age of 14. Aura Homeopathy's Dr. Abhishek M.D(Homoeopathy) started treating me since 2011. My conditions improved steadily & there is 90% relief. Thanks to Dr. swati's Innovative & personal approach & her indepth knowledge & vast experience in homoeopathy, I am able to live a normal & healthy life without any side effects. I wish her all the best in her efforts of treating all the chronic cases."